A 70-year-old couple lived with a dangerous cat.

The sphinx cat, Jjongy liked to attack the owner, Fumihiro & Fumiko. Not just to the stranger in front of her, but also to her owner. This requires the owner to wear protection suit before getting along to her. The claw marks and bruises on the owner's body are all thanks to her.

"if she doesn't feel good, she'd attack anyone she wants to. I felt sorry for Jjongy and at the same time I was scared of her. I'm always nervous, I shouldn't live like this." - Jjongy's owner, Fumihiro & Fumiko

Why did Jjongy become violent? Jjongy behaviour was not suddenly. All of these happened before Jjongy giving birth, one of her kittens was entangled in the umbilical cord. So Jjongy's owner decided sent Jjongy to veterinary for cesarean section. Unfortunately, her kitten was failed to be saved and she even lost another 3 of her kittens. 

Since then, Jjongy became sensitive. And started to attack her own remaining kittens. So her kittens were sent to other families for their safety.

"I pitied her but scared of her too, since there's no way to solve it. Feels like I'm not actually living right now."

 - Jjongy's owner, Fumihiro & Fumiko

Fortunately, there was another cat called Haru. He was a very gentle cat. When Jjongy attacked the owner, Haru always rise up to defend him. This also provides some psychological comfort to Fumihiro & Fumiko.

In order to get closer to Jjongy, the Fumihiro & Fumiko must be "completely equipped" with gloves, protective garments and everything else. Only once the owner dressed on protective clothes, he then may approach Jjongy, cleaned her ears and room. Nonetheless, Jjongy was still waiting for the opportunity to attack the owner. 

However, Jjongy's owner refused to give up on her. Determined, they poured their soul into finding a way to aid her. They mixed antidepressant medicines into Jjongy's food, put Jjongy in a bigger space, turned on some soothing music in Jjongy's room. But nothing worked!

Because their life often in danger, since then, the owner decided to take Jjongy to the vet. Dr. Michelle Cooper is a veterinarian with 20 years' experience. After saw Jjongy's behaviour, she was pretty shocked.

“So far, I've only seen dogs behave like this. I've never seen any cat who sets a target first and then attack.”

- Dr. Michelle, Veterinarian

However, Dr. Michelle explained the reason of Jjongy's behaviour:

"Firstly, it's because of her sorrow over the lost of her kittens. Secondly, it's due to the stress caused by pain. And she thought that her owners triggered all of them. For a short period, she had to endure all the hardships on her own. Resentment and anger against her owner." 

- Dr. Michelle, Veterinarian

This reminded Dr. Michelle of his field research at Native American tribe.

Famed for living in harmony with wolves.

 Dr. Michelle visited the tribe and talked with Animkii, their shaman.

“My tribe believed the wolf was made to help man when the world began. They were our closest companions, aiding us in the hunt while guarding us against the terrors of the dark. Over time, some became domesticated, and eventually became the dogs we know today. But the Ojibwe have never forgotten our ancient bonds with the wolves. Because of this, we deeply cherished them. We did not permit them to be hunted on our lands. Those wolves wandered as they would, even into our camps. They were greeted like old friends before they went on their way.” - Animkii, Ojibwe Shaman

Mystified by this, Dr. Michelle asked how this was possible. Animkii explained that this harmony with the wolves was achieved through the use of cedar.

"Cedar was sacred to us and is used to call upon the spirits. We burned it nightly to release its spiritual energy and the scent calms the wolves, Reminding them of their ancient bond with us." - Animkii, Ojibwe Shaman

Dr. Michelle was curious about the composition of cedar.

So she got several samples from Shaman and returned to research.

“The scent from cedar seems to have a sedative-like effect. So I analyzed the wood and found that it contains cedrol. This compound acts like a sedative, soothing anxiety and reducing stress. While also protecting the brain from oxidative stress.”

Considering that it could help Jjongy, Dr. Michelle started creating a prototype by concentrating the flower's essence into an oil. And let the scent flow into Jjongy's room.

Dr. Michelle was curious about the composition of cedar.

"She stopped growling wildly. She laid down and rested peacefully for the first time. Finally allowing her owner to approach her. She can also get along with Haru peacefully."

Seeing the potential that had helped Jjongy. Dr. Michelle got a team of experts together to refine the cedar wood. Using the latest steam-distillation technology to extract its essence as essential oil. The result was Pattie™!

“Like humans, cats also experience stress and trauma that effect their brain functions. This affects their mood and behavior, leading to aggression or depression. Pattie™ is able to alleviate pain and this thanks to its highly concentrated cedrol content which contains calming and soothing neuroprotective properties. ”

"This is accomplished through stimulating a cat’s extremely powerful sense of smell. Which is directly linked to their limbic system: the center of emotion, memory and learning. By triggering a cat’s 100 million smell receptors, it induces a calming physiological response through the limbic system which encourages a dog to be more 'open-minded'. Allowing them to be more receptive to new positive experiences! This could help dogs overcome their anxiety with bad experiences, improving their overall well-being.” 

- Dr. Michelle, veterinarian

Dr, Michelle said that Pattie™ are allowed to use on pets like dogs and cats. Since launching Pattie™, over 10,000 pet-owners have reported improvement in their pets. One of them is Roy Louis, caretaker of Milo, a German Shepard.

“Milo used to be a police dog. His time on the force seemed to have left a very deep impact on him. It could be a small thing like a balloon pop or a car revving too loudly. He’d start barking nonstop, or run around the house, making a huge mess. Trying to calm him down then could even be dangerous, because he might bite when he's panic. Since I tried Pattie™, Milo’s been much better. It helps him get through anxious moments and keeps him calm. Best of all, he’s coming out of his shell and has started playing with us.” - Roy Louis

Pattie™ has also been praised by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM).

“Its ease of use and effectiveness are remarkable.

We highly recommend Pattie™ as the top pet aromatherapy for stress and anxiety.” - President of ACVIM

Since pets are pretty much part of our families, their happiness is just as important to us. 

So give their well-being a boost with Pattie™!

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