Blood Oxygen Ring allows you to monitor your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) which is the percentage of oxygen contained in your red blood cells, which are the main transporter of oxygen in the body.

Because of the variety of uses of Blood Oxygen Ring, it has become a necessary medical device in every household nowadays.

Who Need This?




Lung Cancer

Heart Attack

Happy Hypoxia



Monitoring Blood Oxygen Level At Home


Blood Oxygen Ring is easy to use and it does not require a specialist to operate and it can be an alternative device for the clinical or hospital pulse oximeter. Blood Oxygen Ring gives you the flexibility to monitor your blood oxygen saturation anytime at home. It saves the hassle of making appointments and travelling far away to medical clinics just to take the measurements.

Blood Oxygen Ring allows for early detection of low blood oxygen saturation before everything goes wrong and you can get your immediate treatment in time. Normal blood oxygen saturation is 94% and above, other conditions that can lower this percentage include anaemia, lung conditions like pneumonia, and cardiovascular conditions like heart failure. A person who is low on oxygen will experience symptoms like breathlessness, headache, fatigue, and restlessness or confusion, among others. It is dangerous to leave these symptoms untreated

Recently, Happy Hypoxia often occurs in younger people because their physiological reserves are high, so their tolerance for low oxygen is high. This is dangerous because these young people will be unaware of this low oxygen level until the point when the body cannot take it any more. This will not give medical professionals time to save this person if they collapse at home.


Different from a traditional Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Ring is working with a mobile app that allows you to monitor your Blood Oxygen Saturation. Continuously tracking blood oxygen saturation every second and showing heart beat rate to capture any irregularities in the body. When any of the irregularities is detected, Blood Oxygen Ring sends you a vibration alarm for reminder.


Blood Oxygen Ring allows you to adjust the threshold via mobile app. The setting might suit different needs. When drops happened and below the threshold, Blood Oxygen Ring will send you a vibration alarm


Blood Oxygen Ring is also working with our dedicated PC software that enables generating intuitive professional reports, you can export your health insights to PC and send it to your doctor to advise for further treatment. (You may download you the application HERE.)