8 Years ago, a building fire almost claimed 2 lives.

Friday, November 24th, Vanessa Carl, Senior Editor

The little boy was saved at the last second by her mom. 8 years later, the same boy put on a fire fighter suit going above and beyond the  call of duty and saving lives, earning himself the title of 'Junior Fire Fighter of the Year'. However, it wasn't easy for him to get to where he is today.

Edward was raised by a single mother. On Edward's 8th birthday, his mother decided to bake a cake for him. Unbeknownst to her, there's was a gas leak on the oven. Within minutes, the kitchen engulfed in flame. Carrying Edward, the mother rushed to the balcony and cried for help. There were hopelessly trapped, with no other way out, she instinctively threw Edward down to the samaritan below. 

Her mother sadly passed away during the fire. Edward was rushed to the hospital with minor burns. Luckily, he would heal from them with her aunty Ms. Lily as her guardian.

 But the traumatic accident and death of his mother left a mark on him. 

Not only he was wrecked by survival guilt. Worst of all, he started having nightmare and terrifying flashback of the accident. Furthermore, Edward's having trouble focusing in school. Her principal called Aunt Lily in to recommend home schooling. As his PTSD flashbacks were disrupting his classmates and teachers. 

However, Aunt Lily refused to give up on him. She would hire private tutors to help keep up with the studies. Edward however couldn't pay attention to the teaching. Aunt Lily even tried hiring child psychiatrist to help Edward cope with his trauma. But it didn't help much with the haunting nightmares. 

Until one day...

Edward and Aunt Lily dropped by grandma's house for weekend visit. That night, grandma decided to let Edward stayed in her bedroom. When it was the time for bed, grandma noticed Edward felt asleep fast.

"I stayed up the whole night to watch over Edward just in case he had another nightmare. To my surprise, he slept through the WHOLE NIGHT without any meltdown. The next morning, Edward happily told me that he had the BEST SLEEP in his life. That was the very first time I saw Edward smiled since his mother passed away."

He was listen Aunt Lily decided to let Edward stay in grandma's house for a little longer. A few weeks later, they noticed Edward's behavior have improved even further. He's more willing to speak out while being more attentive during conversation. Furthermore, his learning progress at school was also getting better. He became the top of his class when he aced all the subjects. 

Edward's surprise did not stop there

At the age of 14, he signed up to the junior fire fighter program to be trained in emergency response and fire rescue. Overcoming his fear of heat and fire at the same time. Becoming the youngest student to ever graduate in the program. This news caught the attention of world's renowned neuroscientist Professor Dr. Jared Olen.

He was intrigued by how Edward overcame his trauma and even turning it into a profession. So he dropped by grandma's house for an interview. Dr. Jared was astonished to find the real culprit.  

"It was scent of Eucalyptus all along! Eucalyptus Globulus, commonly known as southern blue gum". Is a species of tall, evergreen tree endemic to South-eastern Australia. It contains highest level of total Phenolics and Tanis and exhibits the highest antioxidant effect. Combating oxidative stress and regenerating brain cells ultimately protecting the brain against age-related cognitive decline."  

 -Dr. Jared

Realizing its potentional to help struggling people to gain a sharp mind and focus. Dr. Jared started working with his team to develop an enhanced solution. Using the steam distillation method. Dr. Jared managed to extract the Eucalyptus oil into its purest form. Creating an amplified formula that is 10 times more effective than the original. 

He call it Flacara™.

"Scent is the most effective way to stimulate the brain. A typical scent triggers up to 187 olfactory receptors. True enough, Flacara™'s unique scent can trigger up to 565 olfactory receptors. What's more, it has the ability to reach the brain within 22 seconds! Imagine bypassing a congested road. Flacara™ can help create efficient traffic in the frontal lobes. Leading to improved memory, problem solving and mental clarity"

- Dr. Jared

Edward was quickly put on a clinical trial with Flacara™. Amazingly, Dr. Jared found that just a week of exposure to Flacara™.

Increased Edward's brain performance by 5%.

"Scientists have always believed that our brain ability is determined by age 5. But our clinical trial with Flacara™ has brought a starting new understanding. With intensive olfactory stimulation, it is possible to boost brain performance at all ages. "

Shortly after graduating the junior fire fighter program. Edward took part in several fire rescue mission. On one of the mission, he succeeded saving a little girl's life and he was awarded the "Medal of Conspicuous Bravery".

"Thanks to you, grandma and Aunt Lily. I finally overcame my trauma and became a fire fighter. Knowing that by doing this, I'd inspired those who're struggling to regain their confidence. If you are watching me up there mom, I hope I'd made you proud." - Edward

Thanks to Flacara™

Edward is now achieving greater heights than any ordinary kid.

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