We Are Professional In Tracking your oxygen level


Blood Oxygen Ring is medical grade devise, we emphasis not only in the tracking technology, we also strike to be the best in providing you the professional report for which include the detailed statistics of your health condition. We know the importance of the data in order for the physician to analyze your condition, hence we design it in a interactive way which allow you to easily share it with your physician, check out more about how Blood Oxygen Ring can help in providing you  with the scientific health metrics.

Blood Oxygen Ring or SmartWatch

better fit for monitoring your health?

People have different ways of keeping track of their health and fitness. Some use traditional methods, some prefer mobile phones but a growing number of people are switching to wearables. Unlike many fitness trackers that we are used to that are in the form of smartwatches and bands, Blood Oxygen Ring is in the form of a ring. Finger is a great place to put sensors for health tracking, monitor blood oxygen level, and heart rate is particularly accurate there.