This 96-year-old woman only began to learn the piano in her 60s.

She has had dementia for 10 years. Now, she has become one of the world's oldest professional pianist. Alice Sommer has performed over a hundred of solo piano concerts. She is known as Second Claudio Arrau. Her quantum leap development has stunned the world. 

While many were born with an amazing music talent. But Alice did not.

In fact, Alice was diagnosed with dementia in her 60s. She started to forget simple things like her wallet and her key. Initially, she thought it was normal and didn't care about it. Until an accident happened...

That day, Alice was meeting a friend as usual. The place was around 50 miles far from her home. But somehow she ended up in the next city more than 300 miles.

"That time I was afraid, lost and confused." - Alice

Fortunately, she met a friendly stranger. The stranger brought her back through the address on her identification card. Since then, she gradually deteriorated and losing her lucidity.

“She’s forgotten how to cook or even do laundry herself. Some mornings, she’d wake up panic and confused about where she is. What's the worse was, She refused to believe she has dementia. And insisted she'd care for herself, putting her own life at danger.”

- Elena, Alice's daughter

However Elena refused to give up on her mother. Determined, she poured her soul into finding a way to aid her mother. She brought her mother to specialists who prescribed all sort of medication. Multiple kinds of therapy and Cognitive Rehabilitation programs. But nothing worked!

One day Elena go to the music center for practicing piano. Due to worried Alice stay at home alone, so Elena decided to bring her along.

"Once I was playing the piano. I noticed that the tension in her body slowly disappeared. And she can recognize me and know where she is now. Even he would initiate contact with me." -Elena, Alice daughter

Seem musical stimulation can help her. So for month, Elena will bring his mother to the piano class.

Elena's surprise didn't stop there!

One day, she heard "River in flow" coming from the piano room. And she found Alice playing the song from the memory. Therefore, Elena started enrolling her for piano lesson.

"I was surprised that Alice in her 60s even further by picking music up with amazing speed. She even doesn't have any foundation of music. But she has a wonderful ear for music." - Ms. Julia, piano teacher

Since then, Alice only took 1 year to pass the highest piano exam level with a Distinction. Astounded by this achievement, Alice took the Harvard Music IQ Test. To everyone's disbelief, A 60-year-old grandma with dementia score was in the top 2%!

This news caught attention of world's renowned neuroscience researcher, Dr. Kenny Robert.

Dr. Kenny is the best in his field and has spent 30 years researching on the brain. Initially, he suspected Amelia's music playing stimulated his brain abilities. 

"This is because music appears to be an unique and powerful stimulation for our brain."

But after house visit. Dr. Kenny was astonished to find the real culprit. It was the scent of handmade bergamot oil in the music center.

It diffuses all over the room everyday. Bergamot is a citrus fruit native to southern Italy. 

“The older we get, the harder it is for our brain to develop new skills, because the neurons in our brain breakdown over the time. When it fails to regenerate and make new connections. It causes loss of concentration, memory loss, and mood swings. In severe cases, permanent memory deprivation develops and leads to Dementia. Bergamot contains Melitidin, a chemical component found only in bergamot that's vital. For protecting the brain against age-related cognitive decline. " 

- Dr. Kenny, neuroscience researcher

Therefore, Dr. Kenny proceeded to reverse engineer the oil. By using state-of-the-art technology, they managed to condense bergamot into its purest form. Creating an amplified formula that is 10 times more effective than the orginal. He called it Cirtus™This was how Dr. Kenny explained the science behind Cirtus™:

“Cirtus™ helps by directly stimulating our hippocampus, Which is the memory and learning center of the brain. It triggers the brain’s neuron activity throughout the prefrontal cortex. And reach out to form brand new neural pathways. Increasing our long-term memory’s retention capabilities.”

“It also activates the Amygdala and limbic system, which is responsible for controlling emotions and behavior to prevent spontaneous anxiety and bad decision making. Thus, increasing information processing and critical cognitive skills.” - Dr Kenny, neuroscience researcher

Alice was quickly put on a clinical trial with Cirtus™. The next morning, Alice knew how clean up after herself every meal. Within a week, she remembered birthdates and name, including distant memories.

"When I smelled it, it was like a part of my mind opened up. I felt very fresh and with a very clear mind." - Alice

Alice's upward progress continued to amaze everyone. She started her first piano solo concert at 65 years old. Throughout these 30 years, she has performed over a hundred solo piano concerts. Become one of the world's oldest professional pianist. 

"I was in tear when looked my mother on stage. I can't believe my dementia-affected mother has accomplished so much. "Thanks to Cirtus™ for saving my mother's life." -Elena, Alice's daughter

Before launching Cirtus™, a clinical trial was conducted with over 1,500 participants from various countries, 

and over 97% of users reported better memory retention in just 2 weeks.

Approximately 10 million people are diagnosed with dementia every year, 

but we can definitely eliminate its symptoms and live a better, healthier life.

Unfortunately, harvest for bergamot is increasingly difficult this season,

And supply is struggling to meet demand in this challenging time.

No one has to needlessly lose their memories.

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