Eva's story began when she was still in her mother's womb.

Every 25 minutes, a baby is born suffering from opioid withdrawal approximately in United States. Eva is one of them. Her doctor proclaimed her a lot cause. Now, she is one the youngest pediatrican in the world. Today, she continues to defy the odds despite her learning disability.

Eva was born in drug treatment centre prematurely. Unfortunately, Eva's mother passed away of postpartum hemorrhage. Fortunately, Eva's aunt, Christina adopted her.

"I will treat her as if she were my own daughter." - Christina

Hoping to give Eva a new life, Christina take care of her with full of love. She did not see the worst coming. Eva kept crying day and night. And nothing they did could comfort her. She's even had a seizure.

Out of distress and concern, they brought him to see the doctors. Christina told the doctor about Eva's birth condition.

"This child has been affected by neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). The drug taken by the mother will be exposed to the baby through the placenta. Such a condition like none stop crying and seizures will happen when the baby is withdrawn from certain drugs she's exposed to ​in the womb before birth." - Doctor

Eva was able to undergo treatment at a specialized medical establishment. Fortunately, she was able to recover. 

But left some sequelas ... 

Doctor said that Eva would be severely mentally stunted for life.

Thoughout her elementary school day, She had a hard time with studies.

"Eva had a lot of meltdowns. She struggles to talk and remember things. This has negatively impacted the whole class" - Ms. Rachel, pre-school teacher

The teacher recommeded Christina to delay Eva's schooling or send her to special school. But Christina refused to give up on Eva. Determined, she poured her soul into finding a way to aid Eva. She took Eva to visit different doctors......

But none of them could definitely diagnose his condition.

One day, there was a power outage in Christina's house. Eva was scared and burst out of tears. Immediately, Christina found out a candle and lighted up it. Somehow, Eva stopped crying. She was then falls asleep quickly. 

She was doubt at first, then suddenly realized there was a pleasant smell in the room. Turns out, it was the scent coming out from the candle. It was the homemade candle gifted by Christina's friend.

"Even I smell, I can feel more relaxed and focused. Since it smells good, I didn't think much and just light up every night"

 - Christina

Eva seems can control her emotion and get along with everyone.

In a couple of weeks, Eva kept getting better and better in the class. And was finally at the top of his class when aced all the subjects. Puzzled by all these past events, Christina brought Eva for an IQ test. And the result astounded everyone. 

Eva recorded an IQ for 200! Her extraordinary feat did not stop there. She eventually went on to Harvard at 15, majoring in medicine. This news caught the attention of one the world's renowned neuroscientist professor, Dr. Daniel Pronk. Who quickly accepted Eva as his protégé.

He was intrigued by how Eva could make it this far despite her hardship. When he asked on Eva, it founds out that it was the candle lighted up in their house. And so, the both of them decided to investigate further on the candle. And finally found the answer.

"It was Chamomile all along! Chamomile is an herb that comes from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. It has been consumed for centuries as a natural remedy for several health conditions. It contains apigenin, an antioxidant that binds to certain receptors in your brain. That helps to awake the brain, eventually improves cognitive ability throughout the brain. Such as prolonging attention span, improving memory capabilities and speeding up any learning process."

"With linalool present, it helps to balance your hormones during a stressful situation. Allowing you to be cool, collected and ready to face any challeng. And sustain your performances up to another level!" - Dr. Daniel

Realizing its potentional to help struggling people to gain a sharp mind and focus. Dr. Daniel managed to condense Chamomile into its purest form. Creating an amplifield formula which is 10 times more effective than the original.

It is call "Calmomile™."

"Scent is the most effective way to stimulate the brain. A typical scent triggers up to 187 olfactory receptors. True enough, Calmomile™'s unique scent can trigger up to 565 olfactory receptors. What's more, it has the ability to reach the brain within 22 seconds! "

"Calmomile™ can help create efficient traffic in the frontal lobes. Leading to improved memory, problem solving and mental clarity. Decreasing anxiety and initiate sleep."

 - Dr. Daniel"

Eva was the first to test it out And it blew her mind. 

"I can't believe it actually worked way better than the candle! My focus time span increased from couples of hours to whole day! I could even process my mind faster and more accurate than before!" - Eva

After graduation, She become the youngest pediatrican in the world. Eva contributes to World Medical Association for research NAS's case. She always desires to help other like her.

"I have my aunt to thank for not giving up on me. Calmomile™ has brought me hope and I want to share it with the world. I hope my story will help those who are needed." - Eva

Not only Eva...

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