"Super Immune" of Covid-19

"Super Immune" of 


Vo' Vecchio, a town of about 3,300 people west of Venice, which became one of the first cities outside China to experience a Covid-19 outbreak — and the site of the first Covid-19 death in Europe. In Vo',one of the resident, Paola Bezzon had been discovered that has super immune to Covid-19 virus. Researchers, hoping to understand the virus and the human immune response to it immediately because it might be a hope for human race to fight against the virus.

Why Is It Called Super Immune

Vo' resident, Paola Bezzon.

What they've found sparked interest in why some people seem to be able to ward off the virus long after initial exposure. According to a coming study by researchers from the University of Padua in collaboration with Imperial College London, of the 129 people who still had antibodies nine months on from the initial outbreak, 16 showed more than double the levels they had in May. Among the possible causes of the rise in antibodies is re-exposure to the virus.

Why Super Immune Is Important?

people so-called super-immunes also have been found in other parts of the world, it's rare for people's antibodies to increase instead of dissipate. Understanding how to trigger such a response could be critical in defeating Covid-19. It is because, the virus is keep mutating and changing, vaccine now is not really effective to go against the virus so if our body can generate antibodies by itself, it will be a great success for human kind because it will be the best "weapon" for us to defeat the virus attack.

How The Residents and Mayor Vo' React:

In March 2020, when the majority of the world still saw Covid-19 as a virus affecting far-flung populations, Lavezzo and other researchers found that 42.5 percent of the infected people in Vo' were asymptomatic. The finding influenced the region of Veneto, where Vo' is located, and the rest of Italy in their efforts to test, trace and isolate the virus.

Martini, the mayor, said he believes it was a call of duty and a desire for redemption that made the population respond en masse to testing.

For months after the initial lockdown, no one dared to come to the village, he said — the community was scarred with the reputation of "untori," or plague spreaders.

The local council telephone line dedicated to assisting the population was getting overwhelmed by threatening calls.

"Our neighbors would call shouting — telling us to remain in our town, that we were not welcomed anymore," said Erika Polito, a member of the council and of the initial task force response.

From plague spreaders to its high concentration of super-immunes, Vo' enjoys a newfound fame thanks to its willingness to show up for studies.

Some Final Thought:

After all of the suffer from the covid-19, there are finally a light of hope appear for human kind. We had been through a tough year but now we will see some changes this year, there will be something that we can fight against this pandemic. So, before our final "weapon" aginst the Covid-19 virus, we should stay safe first, put on our mask and social distancing to wait for it to come.